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Studio Apartment Organization: 21 Storage Tips & Tricks

Store books in a small apartment

Even though we live in a fast-changing world and all read books in electronic form, printed literature takes a special place in our lives. With your favorite publications do not want to leave, even though the size of the apartment is small in size. How to organize a bookstore and find a place for them in a small interior?

The idea №2. Corner shelves save space in a small apartment

В "- idea. A small corner shelf for books

The idea №1. The open corner shelf for storing books
With limited floor space, pay attention on the corners. Their use will make the room more comfortable and ergonomic. Open shelves do not mess up the space. Visually they also extend it, and if you place the shelves in the ceiling, it will lift it visually.

В "- idea. Bookshelves on the roof
Can not only engage in the corners. Space is often left without attention from the ceiling. And it's convenient to place the library in the living room above the sofa in the hall above the entrance or in the bedroom next to the bed.

№5 idea. Keeping books in the bedroom

В "- 6 idea. Store books in a small bedroom

The idea в "- 7. Store books in a studio

The idea в "- 8. Ottoman table, where it is convenient to store books

The idea в "- 9. Keeping the books in the kitchen

The idea в "- 10. Storage under the stairs of books

The idea №11. Keeping books under a windowboard

The idea в "- 12. Keeping the books in the window

In order not only to save space, but also to make Interiors original, you can come up with an unusual organizers to store books. For example, it is very convenient to put your favorite textiles sew pockets in which. Especially this idea is nice to children. For the child can also make good book support of the same card.

The idea в "- 13. Textile organizers to store books

The idea №14. Storage in children's books
Elegant looking books stacked in metal or braided baskets. In addition, it is convenient and mobile version.

The idea в "- 16. You can use the book as an interior

The idea в "- 17. For storing books, you can use the old wooden boxes
Stylish store can not only books but also other things. This is our review of "Original Storage. 19 7 Tips and Interesting Ideas"