where find place under dressing room a small apartment

Very Small Apartment Design Ideas | small space
Open closet, get nice hangers and color coordinate and I think it could look really good!

Owners of small towns apartments, oftainte consider the possibility of creating a changing room in the house: we can hardly afford to allocate as much storage space for clothes. But the changing room – it is possible to store not only clothes but can be done but the largest closet, thanks to an ergonomic storage system.

A huge resource of useful space hidden inurbana apartments in balconies and balconies: at best, there are flowers, the worst – kept skiing. But why not use this area to make better use? For example, a dressing room on the balcony can not only contain clothes and shoes, but also the same ski and also a vacuum cleaner and also a toolbox. The idea of ​​placing a dressing room on the balcony or loggia is not new: for this you only need the glaze of the balcony and warm, but these efforts will give you a few meters a necessary area.

Today we offer several options for placing a dressing room in a small apartment.

If you have space, do it generally, is not difficult. The hardest part – is that all shelves and storage systems must be designed individually, based on the area and deep storage that you have. Walk-in closet in the storage room also convenient from the point of view that you do not have to sacrifice a little space: it's still the storeroom you use to store, so why not improve the system.

Normally this option can be used in a smaller or less spacious bedroom: via the septum separates the angle and is arranged in the storage system therein. In addition, you get storage space for clothes, a "cut-off" corner offers new opportunities for the unusual placement of the furniture in the room. As a rule, as a dressing room does in the bedroom.

Very often in small apartments, varahitta niches usually do not carry a functional load and are perceived as a cost plan. A good solution would be to place the dressing in a niche: so you are able to use the area, which has still not been occupied by anything significant, and get a rather spacious closet, where you can place not only storage but also a place to change clothes and even leisure time.

As you can see, the possibilities of creating a dressing room in a small apartment set. It is only necessary to see them and use some imagination!