where hide toilet paper 15 sensible tips

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Where can you hide toilet paper: 15 intelligent tips
Toilet paper, of course, can not be chopped and original decoration, and it is a mixed compound. Therefore, most of it is hidden out of sight somewhere far away. But the problem is that the need for it arises very soon, so it should always be available. We offer 15 tips for sensible placement of toilet paper within easy reach.

Alternatives, there may be many

Shelf above the door of toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper special beauty does not shine, use it often, and do without it being almost impossible. Hiding their tables and cabinets is not quite a reasonable idea, especially outside the toilet room. In addition, it can end up at the most inappropriate moments, and the same guests get into not very nice situation.

Worrying storage space Toilet paper is not worth it. In each toilet, the smallest is also enough room for it. The most unassuming – a regiment equipped with the roof above the door. It is possible to organize a warehouse.

Hanging from the ceiling rolls

Toilet paper in the baskets

Built-in shelves for storage of toilet paper

Shelves for toilet paper

Built-in shelves – another good alternative. Because toilet paper is not obvious, and in some cases it can also act as a kind of interior. In addition, in the case of warehouses than a month can be made depending on the size of the shelves.

Toilet paper holder

The roller can only put on the tank, and can be hung on the holder