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Obviously not all dance studios have dressing rooms
Obviously not all dance studios have dressing rooms this big, but it still would be a cute idea and would work for a smaller space

It's easy to plan a big dressing room! It is, honestly, even just giving pleasure. But when the apartment was very small, and the closet is still somewhere in retrospect will have, what to do then?

Say that the version of "easy to stop all the cabinets," does not suit us: the female wardrobe requires a certain organization, systematization and respect for themselves, after all. Therefore, if possible, take a walk-in closet is part of the wardrobe for example, www.ukrmebli.net.ua offers such models, which can easily be customized clothes, shoes and accessories. But what happens if wardrobe nowhere to place or for some reason not planned in your apartment?

First of all, we must begin to look at the area of ​​†<†<apartments in different ways. To put it straight, would have to use every centimeter, all angles and angles, every corner! Go to your home and determine where it is possible to print some furniture, very often permutation solves this problem.

Basic storage of clothes, of course, a hanger. It can often be placed in the most unexpected places: in a shelf or on a pedestal with a shoe. By the way, a number of open shelves are also very useful, because the knitted fabric, such as sweaters and hangers, should not hang and must be stored in a weighted position, so as not to damage the fabric.

If you place a galge with clothes just above it, it can be placed under a multi-drawer chest: it will solve the problem of storing most, including underwear. Leave open shelves for what's often used: the most beloved handbags, gloves, shoes.

Dress in a small area definitely do not mind boring, do not forget about the decor. On the shelves next to the gallows can arrange pictures and fine things for you, hanging inspirational poster making panels of postcards or journal pages. And a small corner in the bedroom has become an elegant wardrobe, which is not ashamed to take pictures of a fashion blog!