Which type of framed mirrors for bathrooms should

Why you should have a backlit mirror in
Why you should have a backlit mirror in your bathroom

When it comes to mirrors, most people like to have a lot of them as they indulge themselves in narcissistic observations as much as they can. On the other hand, there are people who are “not that much into them”, but they still have them in their bathrooms and houses because mirrors are simply a necessity, since the modern lifestyle demands that we look as pretty as possible and mirrors help us a lot in that process. Mirrors are a part of almost every bathroom in the world, and they can be very important when it comes to the decorations of the interior and the overall functionality of a bathroom.

Designers are coming up with new designs as we speak, and they constantly invent different positions for mirrors and make them in different sizes. They can be wall-mounted or placed on a vanity, or even standing on the floor on their own. Some mirrors are small and some take the full length of a wall, and when it comes to shapes they can be found in many versions. mirrors can be oval or perfectly round, or they can have a rectangular shape and be placed either horizontally or vertically. Also, they can have irregular shapes and often people order rigged edges, which are a part of the newest trend.

However, one design has stood the test of time and this method is tried and tested by millions of people from all over the world. Framed mirrors for bathrooms are something which is universally known all across the globe, and this style is easy to make, efficient and can be very eye-catching. Designers can let their imagination run wild when it comes to the design of framed mirrors for bathrooms, and there are multiple versions of this same principle present on the market.

Framed mirrors for bathrooms can be done in different types of wood, predominantly oak, cherry or birch, but many other types are also used occasionally. Also, many other materials can be used to make a frame, and modern mirrors are framed by metal, glass or plastic. When it comes to the more expensive versions, framed mirrors for bathrooms can be done in gold or silver, and there is no limit to the imagination or creativity of the designers. Mirrors can be encrusted with diamonds or gemstones, and many other ideas are possible as well.