while bedrooms 30 stylish from best designers in world

30 elegant rooms male from the best designers in the world
Whether it's a minimalist, rustic or industrial style for men's bedroom – a place where at least a third of life. Everything that surrounds man in his bedroom allows others to understand his personality. We offer 30 of the most successful examples of the organization of personal space in the room, which is really impressive.

Functional for men's bedroom

Bedroom from Ivan Yurimy

When it comes to men's bedroom, it's important to keep in mind – is simplicity, concise and functionality. This bedroom has everything you need for a bachelor, including a simple bed in neutral colors, shine and elegance of the interior.

The bedroom is designed soothing neutral atmosphere that is perfect for a good rest. The style feels in everything, and masculinity is represented by a discerning blend of materials and lighting. This construction, based on the contrast created by the architect of Kiev, Ivan Yurimoy.

The interior of the bedroom from the company Madison Taylor Design

Bedroom furnishings of Kasia Orwat studio

Bedroom furnishings by Tanju Özelgin

Entering the bedroom, which is an attraction in Istanbul, if you are in a museum. The author of this luxurious and elegant design, based on a neutral color palette, a Turkish designer Tanju Özelgin. All items in the bedroom make a unique picture as a whole: stone walls and subdued lighting give a sense of mystery.

simple textures

Bedroom interior of Igor Sitnikov

This bedroom Kiev will certainly cover attention not only because of a combination of different textures, but also the role of lighting. Design bedroom belongs to Igor Sirotovu. Using light, both artificial and day, the designer could transform the dark bedroom in such a way that it looks stylish and elegant. In addition to the bed, in a room on the windowsill is equipped with more seating.

Luxury men's bedroom overlooking the forest

The design of this man's bedroom in the style of the mid20th century, it is an important advantage – a view of the beautiful forest in the highlands, which opens from the large windows framed with dark frameworks. Everything inside the room, including a fireplace, wooden walls that catch the spirit of the neighborhood, and a simple but comfortable bed, impressive in its simplicity, and original.

Men's bedrooms are usually associated with neutral colors. Presented at the photo bedroom is located in one of the luxury apartments in Israel, the design is made in Armani style. It is a work of art, which has the important advantage, because panoramic views of the city and the sea.

neutral colors

Passion for men found their travel visa in the design of the bedroom. Everyone is filled with the spirit of walking. Comfortable, modern and practical bedroom perfect person whose life is full of passion.

Men's bedrooms and the spirit of travel

The design of the bedroom, made in the dark colors and filled with natural light, which works young Albanian architect and artist Saimir Brahim 3D installations. On the wall above the bed placed pictures of the artist, who simply stand on a shelf with lighting. Natural light through the large window of the bedroom penetrates easily and creates an atmosphere and a sense of freedom.

A man needs a sense of fresh air integrity and aesthetics, it's all embodied for men's bedroom, the main attributes that were a large window on the wall that connects the exterior and interior, and allows you to enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding area. Dark floors, light and beautiful scenery – the most important components that focus on the designers of Abramson Teiger Architects.

Reflection of nature in the design of the men's room

Men the desire to live closer to nature is found reflected in color and texture's design bedroom. The combination of concrete, brick, wood and glass surfaces becomes characteristic design. Brick walls and wooden floors – the perfect choice for men.

Day and night

This elegant, elegant bedroom promises an unforgettable experience and a night under moonlit sky and sunny morning. The design shows how to make the most of the architectural features of the roof and walls.