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Kronotex Gloss White Laminate Tiles | Interior Design
Kronotex Gloss White Laminate Tiles | Interior Design | Pinterest | Flooring, Tiles and White laminate

The use as a floor covering white laminate has recently become the leading trend in designers' work. By itself, durable, practical, radiant-looking material, while having a reasonable price, unlike genuine wood, has long been popular in the choice of materials for finishing the apartment.

White laminate has been successfully applied in a variety of styles, such as classic, minimalism, Scandinavian, Art Deco, Shabby-chic, or high-tech.

White laminate in the interior – the classic version. It will perfectly match both restrained tones and bright color accents. White, like black, out of date and time. White-Expressed Background Dark furniture and light will help "solve", along with that which visually increase the space. Matt White Floor creates a cozy and shiny – interesting game reflections. The dark dark room with the floor will be light and airy.

If you use a laminate white, you will be easy to choose colors for decoration of homes. In addition, the room will be visually more "lighter", easier, this decision will give the play of contrasts, choose, for example, dark furniture, or combine a bright floor and cheer with succulent, colorful wallpaper. Coloring walls in soft, bright colors and light picking up furniture, you will create a soft, romantic interior. Other interesting ideas for design can be seen in the directory of finished interiors.