10 cool ideas for bathroom that make space a little better

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10 big ideas for the bathroom that will make a small space better

How to optimize the space in the bathtub? Can this room be visually more convenient and practical? Everything is genuine, if applied in the interior of a small bathroom, more efficient design tricks.

2. Wall cabinet
In a small bathroom, do not disturb, and a small wall cabinet. It should be compact and deep, but this is enough to conceal toilet paper and shampoo.

1. The space under the sink
In a small bathroom need for maximum use of each centimeter of space. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the space under rakrvinoy. It is modern to process used tables or shelves and place them on the containers. It will contain fine powder, towels and personal hygiene items.

3. Bold solutions
According to the tradition, the small bathroom uses soothing colors, but you can make the space more original and elegant, if you choose the wallpaper with the active pattern (he asks the dynamics of space), and a stand to make light. This technique will divert attention away from the size of the room.

4. Small glass tile
Glass tile in a small bathroom – the most relevant interior. This type of cladding can be used entirely on all walls, or fractures. Tiles will reflect and augment light, in addition, to expand the space visually.

6. Compact plumbing
Too many small spaces should choose VVS custom sizes. Shell must not be so big or bulky, allowing you to move freely in the room, avoiding damage.

8. Roll out the box
Instead of the usual drawers or cabinets under the sink, the extendable version is installed, saving a lot of space. This box can be equipped with multiple shelves.

9. The box above the toilet
The space above the toilet is rarely used, and in fact it may also be useful. It is necessary to determine here a led cabinet in a small bathroom immediately load space.

For the organization of order in a small bathroom and practical braided baskets. They can add something, because they are very practical and durable and moisture-resistant.