10 cool kitchen islands that serve multiple functions

white island with blue seats

10 cool kitchen islands, which perform several functions

Many refuse from the kitchen island, considering this bet inconveniently. In fact, this furniture can cool to save space and make it more functional. What can be the kitchen island, and how they can change the decor?

Bookshelf in a kitchen island
Some housewives many cookbooks somde are very difficult to place on the shelves mounted. Yes, and it is not always possible to hang such a small kitchen. Here comes the help of a kitchen island, there instead of a decent amount of books.

With retractable hood and stove
To load a little space and freeze it for recreation areas, it is reasonable to use the kitchen island with built-in hob. For a small space, it is better to choose options in high-tech style. Not bad if the island is equipped with a compact hood that extends vertically from it.

Storage in a kitchen island

The kitchen utensils storage system
Kitchen island is practical because it can carry the work surface. In addition, it is advisable to hide the plates, pots, pans and other kitchen utensils. And not necessarily to the island was completely closed. Upcoming versions make the space visually more spacious and visual, without belching it.

elegant solution

Fridge, built-in kitchen island

Microwave oven
Another thing, without which in the kitchen sometimes integer – microwave. But she often destroys an interior painting and for her to find a place. Köksön is perfect in the role of microwave oven.

Microwave oven in a kitchen island
Sometimes it's not easy to organize storage in a small apartment. But it is fully possible! We found 7 creative and stylish ideas!