10 stylish sinks for the bathroom from contemporary designers

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10 nice zinc for the bathroom by modern designers
Without a doubt, washing, washing hands and interest rates can also sink in the conventional or the shape or size does not affect the water itself procedures. But there are models that are striking in its simplicity, beauty and refinement. Just want to make them and they can be admired.

wash the urna

wash catino

Urna – Model Basin, created by CarloColombo (Carlo Colombo). This bowl-shaped sink, simple and very attractive. At the same time, shape and size make it possible to fully implement its direct mission.

Catino – the current model, which, thanks to a simple and universal design, looks like a classic sink. Author – Nevio Tellatin who created it for the company Antonio Lupi.

wash Ago

wash Mizu

wash inbilico

Located on an odd angle wash basin completely installed. This is a function of its construction. Inbilico – ceramic sink. Created by Andrea Leoni, who just wanted to check the customer's sense of balance.

Wash Cellule

Wash I Bordi

I Bordi, sink, designed by Carlo Colombo for Business Teuco, looks incredibly stylish thanks to him vybronnomu material – onyx. This enabled a simple design to create a model that attracts everyone's attention.

wash Octagon

Although the design does not fall Octagonally, the traditional view of them, but it looks very elegant and original. Author Kai Steffan tried to create a standalone model in an elegant minimalist style, perfect for modern bathrooms.

Washbasin, by designer Slow studioTrä, looks incredibly natural thanks to the material used, beautiful color and incredible charm. It is hand made from hardwoods. Each copy is unique.

wooden washbasin

Wooden sink – it's a rarity. Most often, they look simple and white, for example, as a circular model of Jesse Verdonshot and Seba Askerstaffa. But it's not as simple as it seems, provided an internal remnant. But before a final decision is made on the sink in the bathroom, neobhodmo understands the advantages and disadvantages of the models offered on the market today.

Wash with internal siphon