13 best toys for cats that can quickly make your own hands

The 16 Best Interactive Cat Toys in 2018

Glue rolls toilet paper in different positions on a piece of thick cardboard. Inside they put small things that catch the attention of a cat – for example, big buttons, beads. The cat will try to get them.

At the core of the roll of toilet paper, make some holes in a chaotic manner. Pass them through a cocktail tubuli, light clips or tassels. This animal toy will take a long time.

From the remains of water pipes can be made toys for a cat with their own hands. It is only necessary to connect them with corner pieces, sold in any hardware store. You also have to cut holes in the tubes a bit longer bones cats, and insert different things. The cat will try to get them.

Cats love to play with wine cork because it's easy. You can only give the cat a stopper, but if you have a free time – do a more complicated toy. For example, tie a hook or attach its bright feathers, ribbon.

Sew a simple toy for a cat person, able to handle a needle, can take a couple of minutes. We are advised to choose fabric of sufficient density, for example, wool or felt.

Cut pieces of square shape. To fill them appropriate foam, pieces of fabric, thread. Kicking caused an increased interest in the cat inside you can put some cat coins.

The method described in the previous paragraph will make a toy for a cat with its own hands from the children's sock. Just fill it with something soft and tie a knot on.