15 masterpieces modern furniture that make interior unique

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Masterpieces of modern furniture that will make the interior unique.
The modern furniture industry has long been crossing the line and became a pure convenience to provide real artifacts that can beautify all the interiors. In our review of 15 masterpieces of modern furniture that will make each house unique.

A white single bed, decorated with a retro car.

Armchair, which makes it possible to keep all the necessary things at hand.

A comfortable chair from old books – the ideal solution for libraries.

Bookshelf with a place to relax and read, which significantly saves space in the room.

Bookshelf, similar to a human face.

Unusually comfortable bed of 120 soft balls, which takes shape of the body.

This intricate cube can be a comfortable chair with a mini table, and if you hit – table and stool.

This intricate design can be two benches and a table or two to turn away from each other benches.

Shelf for books in two sections, transformed into a table and pallet.

Workplace, stylized racing car.

Custom sofa-chair for quality recreation.

Coffee table from a variety of crystals that create magical reflexes.

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