16 items daily use with new unusual design

Well-known things, the creation of which approached creatively.
It seems, plumbing designs, shelves, doors, benches and other items of everyday items are tested for years, and it's no use to waste time trying to get something new in this area. However, some designers are not afraid to intrude on "holy" and to give impressive results, which is to be met in our review.

Lovely light to cut down the tree.

Elegant and modern design of outdoor benches.

Cushions in the form of large pancakes.

Original bath hammock.

Magic shelf, which shines because of the fluorescent dye.

Luxury wooden door in the garage.

Excellent wine cellar, twisted in a spiral.

Dark color drops on bright walls.

Wash in a dark color, similar to a seashell.

Rotating sink with cutting board and dashboard.

Excellent house with a built-in wall blooming garden.

The spectacular interior of the club restaurant has met the requirements of room acoustics.

Turn the front door, which is characterized by its ability to turn 360 degrees.

In the house there are always things kotoyre and interior. It does not fit, and throw them no opportunity. How to tell if it is possible to do our review of 6 smart ideas to optimize living space, which will help correct and easy to store jewelry, remove wires and cables, and even hide the ugly router.