18 original examples interior doors that will be stylish end perfect interior

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Doors in modern furnishings.
Inner doors – this is a very important factor of all rooms, which in any case can not be ignored, when the police. To contribute to the door should our review, where we have collected the best examples at the last time for you.

Sliding door with light wood.
A sliding wooden door open type, which is likely to appeal to all lovers of natural materials and eco-design fans.

Bisexual swivel doors made of plastic.
Light, semi-transparent design with wheels that closes the office without tamping down with the interior.

Steklokarkasnaya vikport.
Contemporary windshield of glass and metal, which fits perfectly into the interior of modern apartment.

Blind hinged door.
Normal swing door disguised as a bookcase.

Bright sliding door.
Simple door bright neon colors organically fit into the interior of the bright apartments.

A translucent sliding door.
Elegant and discreet bisexual sliding door, ideal for the interior in the style of minimalism, modern or high-tech.

Blind interior doors.
The hidden door, decorated with marble slabs identical to that on the walls.

Bisexual sliding door case.
Fantastic bisexual door penis type, stylized antique.

Folding doors made of natural materials.
Charming door cut with linen, which is formed by a accordion type.

The double doors to the rolling mechanism.
Massive bisexual wooden doors become a refined classic interior finish.

Design sliding door.
Large sliding door, decorated with unusual texture patterns.

The modern design of the sliding door.
Large sliding doors decorated with animal print and mirrored panels.

Ladugårdsdörren in antique style.
Heavy barn door closet will be a real highlight of the modern decor.

Velvet Swing door.
Raspashaya door with velvet trim will complement the exquisite decor.

A sliding glass door.
Impressive sliding door coupe decorated with nice patterns.