20 convenient and practical options for combining balcony with room

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Small Space Patio

Combine the room and loggia – a good option for space expansion.
To extend the total space in the room, kitchen, bedroom, owners often turn to the possibility of an internal redesign. The current trend in the design of the apartment is the association of space and loggia, which makes it possible to significantly increase the useful images and make the room brighter. Ultimately, this design transforms the room and makes it even more beautiful.

Dining room, some of which are moved to the loggian.

The functional and comfortable workplace or a place for a hobby.

Creative design of the loggia, which has become a major part of the room.

Lovely lounge, which increased with loggia.

The improved, by combining with a loggia, children becomes more space for gaming.

The room is expanded with a loggia, thereby creating a working area there.

Loggia, combined with the room, was the perfect place for tea.

Mini room, which appeared as a result of the association of loggias and rooms, especially for deliberation plans.

Gentle and warm colors in the design of the bedrooms emphasize their homely atmosphere.

bedroom extended space, which contributes to the light of the room.

The bedroom and balcony as a single space.

Great atmosphere in the living room, which is now a lot of space and light.

Classic-style bedroom got another small room.

Kitchen in beautiful shades of blue.

Live in brown and beige tones.

The bright atmosphere in the living room.
To avoid drastic changes in the interior and do not devote to reorganization of rooms, you can use the 17 ideas, transform a loggia into a heavenly place to relax.

Kitchen increased by connecting it with a loggia.