20 fantastic ideas garden decoration natural stones

20 Rock Garden Ideas That Will Put Your Backyard On The Map

Fantastic garden decor ideas with rocks.
If you have a small but its ownCroft, its arrangement can be a headache in Christianity. However, these 20 garden design ideas are simple improvised means – common stones, everywhere, and no need to spend money – just a gift from above.

Lanes of colored stones have been laid out in the form of butterflies and flowers.

Elegant wall of scorches.

Charming larva of colorful stones.

Table and benches of gabions.

Small stones, painted in bright colors, will be a great decoration for beds and beds.

Charming decoration in the form of a heart of stone, wire and fabric.

The unusual cactus consists of small painted stones.

Stones presented in the form of trails become original ornaments for the garden.

Stones, colored special phosphor color can decorate the traces.

Cute stone figures in the form of animals.

Funny miniature composition painted pebbles.

An unusual idea of ​​designing a family tree.

Stylish stone sofa.

The original stone hollows.

Unusual discounts in the form of baskets.

In fact, besides the stones there are plenty of available tools to help those who will make a garden path with their own hands.