4 tips for choosing furniture for small bathroom photo

How To Make Any Bathroom Look (And Feel)
From carefully choosing your color palette and essential fixtures to employing a few clever visual tricks, you can use some or all of these tips to make

"Though small, but your" – so you can say nothing but a bathroom in a typical apartment. But it is better for a small bathroom wall than a large, shared in the corridor. Therefore, the humble toilet / bathroom area – is not a cause of sorrow, it is – a reason to read today's article in the magazine "Your interior" and choose the most suitable furniture for a small private room.

Since then, as furniture manufacturers began to release the cabinets, stand for washbasins and so on, the problem of narrow bathrooms turned into easily resolved. Overall, the bathroom cabinet takes much less space than a rectangular analogue. By the way, plumbing is also a corner – try to use it to your advantage.

If the bathroom is too small, the floor in the cabinets and pedestals better not refuse. Next we will talk about alternative solutions, but in the extreme case you can make a shelf and hanger with supplies (towels, soap and sealed, a glass of toothbrush and toothpaste, and so on). Everything else you can take to the bathroom as needed.