5 cool ideas that help create christmas atmosphere even malogabaritki

22 Brilliant Ideas For Your Tiny Apartment For the New Apartment

Mysterious Christmas atmosphere.
The mysterious atmosphere, pleasant scent of barr, chiming clock and make wishes. That's what seems important holiday – New Year. In anticipation of a nice event, many people want to create a magical atmosphere in your home. How to turn the interior into a winter landscape, even though the apartment is very small? We found 5 simple but interesting ideas that will help in this matter.

decorative mirrors
The mirror is in any building, and it is able to define certain mood. You can start decorating the inside with it. How? Very easy! All the mirror's surface is easy to decorate and create the effect of powdered frost windows using a stencil and spray with artificial snow. Perfect look with snowflakes composition, snowmen, angels. But not limited to this, the composition can be supplemented with glitter and girlander.

New Year's composition

Vases and glassware will decorate the inside
Part of the holiday decor can be transparent vases and glass containers. Instead of flowers, they can put dry twigs and buds, powdered with artificial snow. So we get a wonderful winter composition that makes the atmosphere more magical.

artificial snow
Snow White – the permanent companion winter interior. Art snow is ideal for this purpose. Modern manufacturers offer options as close as possible to this. To achieve a magical atmosphere with the snow easily. From the dry powder can create true snowflakes. Just a few teaspoons dry mixture, mixed with water for a few seconds can increase 30-40 times.

The illusion of snow can be made from the most unexpected things, for example, tassels.

snow illusion

Christmas theme
On the chairs, you can make or buy original covers in the form of bears, snowmen, Santa Claus caps. Winter style bedding will provide a good pre-holiday mood in the bedroom.

Coatings for chairs
And, of course, will make notes of comfort and warmth knitted elements combined with wood.

Comfortable knitwear

When the room is small, but much desires the Christmas tree, it is necessary to apply a visual trick. You can even make a small tree above and create an illusion of a big, if you put it on a compact coffee table or stool.

The illusion of tall trees
Do not forget the windows. There are at least 10 original ideas for Christmas window decoration.