5 ideas for childrens room that please any adult

Ideas for the nursery that will delight both adults

Room for the child sometimes complicated ask the living room or bedroom. Here we must consider not only the interests of their parents, think about practical, but also listen to the child's needs. How to turn children into a playground, a study and relaxation department at the same time? We picked up ideas that will delight not only for children!

The space for play and creativity
Until teenage children actively develop physically, and he has a huge need for gaming. Kids run around a lot, jump, tumble and play outdoor games. So be sure to be a comfortable playground in the nursery.

harmonic colors
Color can affect appetite, mood, performance and even sleep. Therefore, his election in the nursery should be taken seriously. It's best to walk around too active color, and use them only as accents. For main space it is recommended to choose pastel shades of green, beige, blue and even yellow. It looks good in the interior of the nursery and the white color, which can be diluted with furniture and accessories for other shades.

If possible, the wall should be a small set of horizontal bars, soft carpet, warm carpet, place for drawing and creative development as well as footstools for friends. It is also desirable to separate this area visually – which makes bright patterns on the walls, choose a matte color or unusual furniture. Here you can safely use warm colors that make life – green, yellow, orange.

As they say, those periods – fun hour, the rule applies to the nursery school. There should be a well-equipped "cabinet" where the child will be comfortable doing homework and reading. To distinguish it is recommended in a neutral color scale, which stimulates the brain's activity element, you can choose light or bright colored shelves for storage. But they should be accentual and not distract the child from work.

All in harmony
Under no circumstances shall the children's room be exposed to exposed objects or paint stains. Just measure – the golden rule, which is to use parents for offspring. And it's not just a nursery, this technique works well in other rooms.

original storage
This is just part of what can help in designing the room of the child. We have found 17 more fun and functional ideas for the nursery, which will help to cope with this challenge.