6 original saunas with stunning views surrounding landscape

6 more of the finest saunas in the world: part 2

Sauna with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.
Nothing helps to relax the mind body as a sauna. The smell of wood, whey coal helps to forget all the worries. But if the sauna is beyond everyone else on the river bank or in the woods, the rest will be double fun. This review features six best saunas with a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.

Sauna – Sauna on the water.

Sauna with an engine.
This sauna on the water can enjoy one's own jump. Saunalautta – an original house, located on pontoons and motor engines. Inside the room is equipped with a 2: living room with beds for four and a steam room itself directly. The roof structure is both a terrace and laterally connected hammocks for relaxation.

Sauna in a minimalist style.

Sauna with a simple planning.
This minimalist sauna is very popular in Scandinavia. Designer Jonas Wagell had 12 such interpretations of this project. Models range in size from 7.5 to 15 square meters. meter.

Sauna by the beach of Lake Huron (Canada).

Sauna cave.
This sauna Grotto sauna is located on the beach of Lake Huron (Canada). Its outer shape resembles one of the rocks, and the interior is made in the form of an underground cave, "polished" by underground rivers. Streamlined windows show the beauty of the lake and the surrounding forest.

Sauna from architects Jensen & Skodvin.

Sauna overlooking Valldal River.

Sauna by the beach of a Norwegian river.
This sauna, designed by the architects Jensen & Skodvin, located in the popular tourist road in western Norway. Its window overlooks the beautiful Valldal valley.

Sauna in a rustic style.

Sauna with a capacity of 40 people.
Sauna in a rustic style located at the Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt at the foot of Kaiser (Kaiser, Austria). It can accommodate up to 40 people.