7 functional ideas for living room which you should take note of

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Functional ideas for the living room

Capture the furnished living room must take into account several important aspects. The atmosphere should be comfortable and functional environment head front room. How to make the living room is easier, more comfortable and more spacious? There are a number of design tricks that will help solve both of these issues.

Functional storage in the living room

Outdoor storage system in the living room
If the living room is filled with natural illumination and its interior looks weak, the walls in this room are not recommended to mess furniture. It is better to choose low system floor storage, which will not prevent the spread of the light on the walls.

Coffee table for a small living room
The living area area can be so small that it is simply impossible to put all the necessary furniture. But without a coffee table often can not do, so you should pay attention to the mobile furniture like Storspel space.

communication area in a small living room
If the guests often arrive in the apartment, it is worth ordering the communication area. It should not only include comfortable sofa and ottomans, armchairs, chairs and floor cushions. Arrange furniture can be a semicircle or a square, to communicate it easier.

The mirror in the living room does not often have, but in a small living room without this technique sometimes can not do. It is better to determine where the light will be reflected from the window.

To plan a living room in a room or to make the interior of a small living room interesting, you need to make room in several bright color accents. It can be flowers, decorative pillows, lamp, painting or poster.

Bright accents in the living room

Colored stains in the living room

For a small living room is to choose compact and functional models cool design. For example, if guests often come with an overnight stay, you must pay attention to the extendable couches.

In the small living room interior also perform a practical function. For example, posters and pictures on the couch can visually make room space and provide a proportional term.

Elegant and functional interior in the living room

The interior, which visually enhances space
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