a breath fresh air 18 beautiful examples decorating small balcony

hanging plants balcony seat cushion wooden floor |
hanging plants balcony seat cushion wooden floor

New ideas for the arrangement of a small balcony.
Arranging the balcony is not as easy as it seems to be the first sight. In order not to make it a messy storage room at the back of the apartment, the issue should approach creatively. Collected examples we can help to do so that even the smallest balcony gave life-giving fresh air.

Oriental-style balcony.
Balcony, water pipes room in oriental style with a large fireplace bench and a bookcase.

A small balcony with a desk.

Balcony with an easel and a telescope.
Even on a small balcony, you can place an easel with colors and a small telescope and transform it into a private planetarium or workshop.

A small desk becomes a balcony to a comfortable office behind glass.

Balcony – a dining area.
A small balcony with a laconic furniture and fairy light, which creates a romantic atmosphere.

Balcony with an outboard seat.
Wicker Hanging Chair – Simple and ingenious solution for a small balcony.

Small balcony with comfortable footstool of the drawers, which, in addition to comfortable seats, are the same, and storage space, a compact table shelf and elegant furnishings of the walls.

Balcony – sitting area.
The narrow loggia can be transformed into a wonderful family room, placed there a small mattress, a table and a comfortable chair.

Dinner on the balcony.
Modern compact balcony with a round table and bright chairs.

Balcony in a modernist style.
A wide windowsill, instead of bar, high chairs, shiny floors and ceilings turn the usual city balcony into a modern bar.

Balcony in a Scandinavian style.
Folding wooden chair, a compact round table, carpet and small plants in a basket and light pots.

A small balcony in the style of Provence.
Natural materials, potted plants and large carpets become a balcony to a cozy living room where you can relax after a hard day, or spend a few hours reading a fascinating book.

Fantastic interior balcony.
Stunning light balcony with rattan furniture, a chandelier and light sensitive zanoveskami.

Open balcony with folding table.

Balcony with chandeliers.
Excellent balcony with forged tables and comfortable wheelchairs are arranged within the frame of a light homemade chandelier.

Colorful decor balconies.
Multi-colored walls, soft carpets, light curtains and front seats make a balcony for a playground for children.

Unlocked balcony with a compact folding table and soft light chairs – perfect for a relaxing co-existence of coffee.