as zonirovat one bedroom apartment 5 good examples with tips

Studio apartment: layout, interior and photo examples of
Consider what can be Studio apartment: layout, and interior photo of rooms will be presented in this article.

How to correct region code odnushku?

When the apartment is just a room planendess place is sometimes quite difficult. It is necessary to arrange furniture in such a way that moving in the room was comfortable. And besides that, you need to harmonize artificial space and make a stylish interior. How-to?

Gray refreshing space

Sleeper harm fit into the interior

Sleeping in odnushke
In this apartment, sleeper decided not to hide, and to make a small space visually larger, use a light gray. One of the walls is made of panels with a geometric pattern, it has become accent and visually marked the bedroom.

A small apartment for girls
The hostess of this little apartment, a young girl, she likes a bold experiment and bright colors. The active zone is indicated by color and imaginative pressure, but the bed is decorated very modestly. Because of this, it is not obvious, and the decor looks harmonious at the same time.

Bright active zone

Flat like a zone element

The bedroom has a discreet design

Under the pallet hidden storage

How to hide a bed in odnushke?

A successful solution

A very effective method – to divide the space with the use of the bar. For example, the bedroom secluded in the interior will have extra storage and space not moving.

Zoned studio apartments using a rack

Elegant and stylish

intimate atmosphere maintained in the bedroom
By the way, rack can be very helpful when it comes to correct zone division. We found 19 examples of how to organize the interior of a small apartment without rebuilding.