Bathroom pictures: impress your friends & family with

Looking for half bathroom ideas? Take a look at our pick of the best half bathroom design ideas to inspire you before you start redecorating.

If you want to make your bath room more decorative and graceful but you do not have sufficient budget to remodel it, now you need no worries about this issue. We are here to suggest you such amazing ideas which will make your family and friends in stunning condition. Yes, we are talking about pictures in the bath room.

Where to Install:
Install your favorite pictures and sceneries in your bath room. These pictures will not only describe your thinking, psychology but also to impress others with your collection. Selection of right picture for the right place is an art in itself.

You can select the place where rest of the wall is not occupied with any other facility like the mirror or else. The picture should be very clear and it should be visible from distance so that entire users can have atleast one view on them. The picture may be of any human, mystery, history, love portraits, nature, animals, handicraft items and other unlimited categorical groups. You can select the best one for your bath rooms.


Once you have accepted the best picture for your bath room, next step is to select the best fit picture frame. Yes, it should also be good match and decent. The frame may also be in contrasting color. These contrasting may be with the color of wall in background or the paint as used in the picture itself.

It is fun to visit the markets to select pictures for your bath rooms. When the vendor inquires about for where you want to install this picture, you answer him, “bath room”. This will be stunning answer for the vendor and he will be pleased to let you see more variety of wall pictures because he has come to know your passion and love for the pictures & bath room.

Locations to Install Pictures:

The best locations to install the pictures is the front wall, above the commode area few inches high from the commode tank and even behind the main door of your bath room is not a bad idea. To have good bath room is blessing, more space is more blessing but ultimate blessing when you are able to decorate them with your little deeds and abilities. This is also known as creativity. Have good pictures in your bath room and impress your friends and family.