basics of design golden section rule

What is the golden ratio? What you need

Even at the beginning of time people became known secretaries harmony everything that exists: the structure of plants, the human body, forms lakes and rivers, and even the smallest of seashells. This knowledge was used in the construction of the world's most famous architectural masterpieces, such as the Parthenon, Notre ...

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arches in the interior of a house or apartment

Youngor archways More: | Doors in 2018 |

The vault in the interior has the ability to transform the space, creating an aura of the hill. Due to the rounded shape of the top, the arch – as part of the architecture – makes the room visually softer, more elegant and robust. But first, it is necessary to ...

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we turn a small apartment into a stylish housing 7 tips

House Tour: A Colorful Upper East Side Studio

Meet the man who bought the apartment and do not want to change anything, yes, it is very difficult, because each of us has some tastes, habits and needs, according to which we customize our own house. We offer today to consider design options are standard, small apartments and learn ...

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Choose the perfect shade for the walls

How to choose the perfect shade of pale

Designers and experts share advice on choosing the right shade for rooms in the house: purple, yellow and red in the bedroom. purple 1. Give preference to magenta, where blue more than pink. Mountbatten pink in combination with light pink or yellow – perfect for bedroom and living room. – ...

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how to locate sockets and switches correctly

Make Your Own Extension Board: 13 Steps (with

The question of the right place in the electrical contacts, ie the outlet and the switch, attention must be paid in time, at the stage of planning the location of the devices. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the number of large and small appliances, according to ...

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three room apartment design recent trends

The design of two bedrooms – one of the most enjoyable for the designer. Place a lot to properly arrange all the necessary items and items, but at the same time, is not big and sad from this area – cozy. In this bike, there are also articles about designer ...

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design of a two room apartment important advice

The Most Common Design Advice I Read (and

Equipping a new home is always lighter and very pleasant. When one-on-one with the room, which is to be transformed into a cozy living, you can inadvertently get lost. For those interested in stages of planning and design of repair options, but also want to find out in advance the ...

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lighting in the kitchen 5 top tips

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Tips | Better Homes &

To a certain extent, the kitchen is the heart of the apartment. Culinary masterpieces are created here, and here is often the dining room. Therefore, it is extremely important to create comfortable conditions in this room, which is largely due to good lighting. Lighting in the kitchen . How to ...

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how to make a room without windows tips

Work on the project home becomes very interesting if its content is full of interesting but difficult task. Designer, for example, spurts more enthusiastic to show their skills in practice simply still generate ideas interior. In addition, unusual solutions and planning specialists help to develop intuition and flapping skills, but ...

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fixtures 20 bright and nice examples

Excellent alternative for reading lamps in bed. Lamps are an effective and easy way to add light to all rooms and create a special atmosphere. This is especially noticeable in the bedroom when the lamps at the same time are easy enough to read, because being so specific to ensure ...

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