the facades houses from siding features photos

The front facade of this home features three

If you choose to decorate your house quickly, cheaply but practically, and then, to repair or change the target must not be soon, it is necessary to consider the options for sidewalk facades. This modern finishing material is easy to use, easy to install, and it's relatively cheap. There are ...

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the house unusual shape studio vmx architects

SODEA House - VMX Architects | Architects, Architecture

The house of unusual form Dutch architects built on a private island Kostverlorenkade (Kostverlorenkade), whose area of ​​†<†<only 1200 square meters. meter. The farm is located in a quiet location away from the big cities. On the green lawn near the water, sparkling with glass wall meets strangely ...

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to dissolve in landscape 8 buildings with mirrored facades

Block E-15, twin u201cdissolving towersu201d at the Chongqing

Designers and architects all over the world are building-building, used mirrors in the interiors and exteriors of their creatures, which drives the boundaries of space, create unusual shapes, and completely change the usual perception of architectural shapes. One of the strangest hotels based on the Earth. Mirror house cube floating ...

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the gardens albert kahn art design

Albert Kahn Japanese Gardens, Museum and Conservatory in

history The gardens are named after the French bank Albert Kahn, whose activities are related to the end of the first third of the 19th and 20th centuries. He has traveled the world, learning the culture of different countries at the same time. After purchasing in the late 19th century, ...

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provence style in interior a country house

Provence Style in Interior: What Supposes and How

The interior of the house in the style of Provence in a small country house near the border with Finland, the hosts got up and pulled themselves up. Furniture in the house is mainly antique, restored hands master, do not buy almost anything. The exception was only glass table and ...

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a flower bed near your house

When designing a flower bed consider the lines

Discounts with their own hands – one of the things that any hostess garden country treats pleasure. When you make discounts on the cottage, you can show imagination and realize all their dreams about a flowering garden. Unit beds and discounts can be made from both annuals and perennials from ...

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the house cliff overlooking ocean

They wanted an escape from city life, so

The house on the cliff, where splashing ocean waves, over which rises from rocky skies, must match its unusual location, and exploit the opportunity as much as possible, providing a picturesque setting. The cottage is ideally inscribed in the landscape: he seems "sliding" from the slope, clinging to the various ...

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country house scandinavian style features photos 2

Modern house with a flat roof organic It settles in the surrounding fields near the small Spanish city. The architects did not want anything to break the natural landscape, not to destroy the beautiful landscape, and this house is the best suited to their design. A simple form – a ...

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the design small houses

Apartment house, despite its size, quite spacious, and most importantly – very comfortable and functional. It seems like inside it's much more than the outside. This was at the expense of the competent planning and tactful use of the natural landscape. Residential house is small and made of wood. From ...

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country house scandinavian style features photos

Country Homes & Interiors magazine | Open plan,

House in a Scandinavian style can not accept pretentious, he always has a simple and beautiful shape, comfortable and cozy. Normally, these homes have one or two floors, no more than in this case is necessary to ensure a modern level of comfort in the room. The Scandinavian-style house shows ...

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