lamps that bloom like flowers

The Bloom Lamp

Fixtures develop and fold their petals like flowers. This lamp is similar to a living flower. As he descends from the ceiling, his "petals" is revealed. A special program makes lamps blossom in a specific sequence, creating an illusion of dance. Dancing light. Most of the flowers open and close ...

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how to choose the cornice

Cornice, of course, should fit the stileness inner shape of the window and curtains type, but first of all – a functional accessory. That is, its main purpose – to support curtains and provide all kinds of manipulation. Roof lists and systems Steel profile moldings, fitted plastic parts, it is ...

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beautiful bamboo lamps

Beautiful Bamboo Flow Lights are Powered by the

Original ceiling lamps Trabridzha from David (David Trubridge). A series of downlights with charming charms of wood – another original product industrial design, presented by New Zealand champion. The collection contains two universal models, each of which may be an elegant yet functional interior. Elegant lamp for home Trabridzha from ...

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basics of design composition in the interior

Spatial Composition u2013 A study in interior layouts

The beauty and comfort of any space is not possible using certain conditions in its design, the so-called composites laws. They play a decisive role in the emergence of a harmonious environment in all rooms – residential or public. Correctly apply layers of composition in that recess only a few ...

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how to choose a table lamp tips

Tips for choosing the perfect crystal lamp |

In a world dominated by chandeliers, hanging and built-in lamps, a good table lamp will always find its place. If you make the right choice, you can achieve the necessary symmetry, contrast and decorate any room. Designer Tip: How to choose the right table lamp Inner rooms from ullivan + ...

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design of a two room apartment important advice

The Most Common Design Advice I Read (and

Equipping a new home is always lighter and very pleasant. When one-on-one with the room, which is to be transformed into a cozy living, you can inadvertently get lost. For those interested in stages of planning and design of repair options, but also want to find out in advance the ...

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lighting in the kitchen 5 top tips

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Tips | Better Homes &

To a certain extent, the kitchen is the heart of the apartment. Culinary masterpieces are created here, and here is often the dining room. Therefore, it is extremely important to create comfortable conditions in this room, which is largely due to good lighting. Lighting in the kitchen . How to ...

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how to make a room without windows tips

Work on the project home becomes very interesting if its content is full of interesting but difficult task. Designer, for example, spurts more enthusiastic to show their skills in practice simply still generate ideas interior. In addition, unusual solutions and planning specialists help to develop intuition and flapping skills, but ...

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fixtures 20 bright and nice examples

Excellent alternative for reading lamps in bed. Lamps are an effective and easy way to add light to all rooms and create a special atmosphere. This is especially noticeable in the bedroom when the lamps at the same time are easy enough to read, because being so specific to ensure ...

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how to visually increase ceilings

The problem with low ceilings, unfortunately, now it's almost in front of everyone. Standard now the 2.7 meter indicator is suitable for a comfortable existence, but we always want even more space and air. And if this can not be achieved in reality, we can at least visually achieve the ...

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