Why were overalls invented?

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented the first overalls. One customer requested that Davis make a pair of trousers that would not fall apart, he thought of using copper rivets to strengthen his pants. Davis wanted a business partner to patent the product with, and wrote his proposal to Levi ...

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How were waffles invented and who created them?

The waffles are from the Middle Ages. At that time, Saint Louis founded a fraternity called oubliyeurs or oubloier's getters. The baked cake between two cast iron papers coupled by the hinges, the plates often decorated with coat of arms or religious inscriptions and images and a wooden arm to ...

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What type of shoes should I wear with a kurti?

Every girl needs an elegant kurti in her wardrobe for the perfect desi look. Today it is quite easy to find a kurti that matched your style. You can wear kurtis with leggings, tights, palazzos and even as a dress. But it can be difficult to find the right one ...

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