cave house unity nature and architecture from Mexican designers

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Josean Ruiz Esquiroz / Marta Muñoz, CRTL+Green (Madrid)

Cave House – Unity of Nature and Architecture by Mexican Designers
Ecodesign Pilares is located in a national park Maderas del Carmen in the Mexican state of Coahuila. His goal – to save rare species, endangered. And yet, here's a unique cave house, built architectural firm Greenfield. This is a wonderful example of unity of nature and architecture.

Cave House

Living room and dining room

The house, finished this year, 260 square meters. Architects and designers have emphasized simplicity, quality and harmony on every detail. The building fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape thanks to a simple and discreet shape.

The house was built from local materials. Almost 90% of all materials are extracted within a radius of 10 km from the site. Metal and wood parts of the authors have – it's nothing but an abandoned railroad track.

The building is half immersed in the field, and it improves communication at home with nature. In addition, this method has allowed us to protect it from winds. In addition, using local materials, well-chosen colors and textures are beautiful in their harmonies.

Inside there is a living room, dining room breakfast, small room, bathroom and wine cellar. Near the house is equipped with a small partially covered barbecue area and outdoor living.

Due to the orientation of the north comes into house maximal sunlight and offers great views of the surrounding countryside. To finish the interior and exterior use local stone and numbers. The choice of material was determined by color and structure area. Life on nature in a wonderful eco beautiful, thoughtful everyone has the opportunity to move closer to nature. So you should at least refuse television sets and other equipment in a recreation area, such as designers offering a modern lifestyle in the original projects for families of all ages.