colorful autumn in interior bright vases with their hands

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Colorful autumn in the inner bright vases with their hands
With the advent of the fall, it's amazing tide power and energy. Nature changes rapidly and is filled with a riot of colors and smells. Involuntarily you want to smile in anticipation of something new, bright, touch. There is a desire to change life, to get rid of all the gray and dull, light surround yourself with beautiful things. We propose to create a stunning colorful vase with your hands.

choice of material

Prepare the player
Cut out cardboard several slices the size of enshellack. Attach them with tape, in the middle, on the one hand, make a hole for the spider, put it on spider units, to get a flat surface on top. Place the vase in the center of the selected circle and the bottom of it in the pen. Glue in the designated rooms several strips of tape.

You may be surprised, but you will need old players. Watch the wind or in a mortgage bank to get a nice piece. In addition, we need a glossy enamel of different colors, cardboard, tape, plain, simple glass vases of different sizes and shapes, rub alcohol, brushes for painting.

Prepare the player

Wipe the entire vase rub alcohol and attach it to a sticky band in the middle.

Choose any color glossy enamel. The lighter and more varied colors are, the more interesting and more fun the final result will be. Turn on the player and start coloring.

Alternatively Dip the brush into another color enamel and hold it to the rotating vase.


Coloring was smooth and intense, wait 30 minutes and gently apply other layers of paint.

If you want a semi-transparent stain, it will be enough for a layer of enamel.


Burning is done in two steps of 30 minutes each, at 1600, every time, let the oven cool down. Fantasy designers sometimes do not know any limits. They propose to use in the decoration of the vase is not only, but also ordinary bottles of alcoholic beverages. And ideas looked remarkably well.