Create the perfect mood with your bathroom colour

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White and aqua bathroom

The bathroom is used by some to retreat, relax, meditate, and forget the troubles of the world, while others use it to feel re-energized, uplifted, and motivated. Whatever you’re looking for in a bathroom, the colour scheme is the major contributing factor to the overall mood it exudes. Therefore, you need to ensure that your bathroom colour scheme conveys the mood you wish to create. Here’s how:

  1. Determine the mood you’re aiming for

First of all, you need to ask yourself how you want to feel in your bathroom. Do you want to feel fiery and stimulated, or do you want to feel calm and serene. Do you want to feel bubbly joy, or deep passion?

  1. Different types of colour schemes

There are three main types of colour schemes: tonal, harmonious and complementary. The tonal scheme uses only one colour, but in varying shades for an aesthetic effect. The harmonious theme uses colours close to each other on the colour wheel and matches them together. This creates a sense of peace and balance. Lastly, the complementary scheme adopts the use of highly contrasting colours, which would typically be opposite each other on the colour wheel. This works for those wanting to make a bold statement through colour. These are equally applicable in the bathroom, and will determine the kind of moo you create.

  1. Know your colours

Whatever the colour one chooses, it is a proven truth that colours always evoke emotions. This basic guide will give you a general idea of what moods different colours create.

Black and white are bathroom classics that project sophistication and elegance, and they may be used individually or paired together. Black on its own is daunting to most, as it is quite bold and pretty tricky to accessorize. You’ll need some good lighting to turn the gloom into charm. White on its own is very to accessorize, as you can go with any colour.

Other major colours are blue, green and red. Green denotes life, and therefore creates a mood of renewal and fertility, and also calm and serenity. Blue, which is tranquil and calming, is a favourite for bathroom colour schemes. Red, however, is not a colour many would go with for the bathroom. Lacking the safe qualities of blue and green, it exudes passion, vibrancy, energy and boldness. It can also be sophisticated if properly accessorized.