decor that everyone can afford 5 great ideas help save


Decor available to all

So keen to make a cold seasonal interior more cozy and warm. To help in this can be a budget decor from scrap. We have gathered a number of great ideas, the implementation of which will not take much time and does not require large expenses.

Decor in ecological style

The interior of the interior in style with Provence, or Shabby Chic

Creating the panels also fits small wood waste

Panels made of wooden planks
Wood – a versatile material occasionally looks good in the interior, decorated in organic style. To create a budget decor of wood, discs and bars are needed in different sizes, varnishes, glue and acrylic paint. It is interesting to look at the inner wall of the composition of the colors, fixed on wooden planks. This option is also suitable for the interior of Provence, or Shabby Chic.

Wooden photo frame
The interior is especially comfortable when detached with family photos. Interesting framework for them also can be made from old boards unnecessary. You only have to fix a couple of pieces on the wall. A photo attached by staple or adhesive paper products. With small bars, an excellent desk box is provided, which can be decorated with sackcloth and jute.

An easy way to set up family photos

Original photo frame

Frames can be decorated with sackcloth and jute

New life in old mirrors

functional furnishings

On the stump, you can send a message

Old boards – now a field for experiment. Especially for those whose life is not without creativity. On such surfaces can be painted with acrylic paints, burn and cut all types of images. The furnishings created with their own hands will be a worthy decoration of the interior and help save money.

The painting, created by burning

Wood art colored thread

fun birds
By the way, a work of art does not only make it possible for wood. The most common foil, which can be found in a chocolate cake, can be turned into a stylish panel in just 30 minutes.