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Tiny homes have to make efficient use of space and that includes the bathrooms. A tiny house bathroom has to accommodate a toilet, a bath and/or shower,

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How to plan a space in a small bathroom that was spacious and comfortable in it? Where to determine the location of the shower wall and so motivated his installation? In order to understand this, it is necessary to investigate a number of practical tips. Some of them are forced to watch a small bathroom with new eyes.

Shower corner in a small bathroom

Planning a small bathroom with shower

Disposition of bathroom
The first of what is working close – here layout of the premises. The best location in the corner of the shower. The most comfortable size for wet rooms – 90 x 90 centimeters. If the area is very limited, the minimum value can be removed in the shower – 75 x 75 centimeters. The elongated bathroom shower can be placed along one of the short sides. It will make the room look more proportional.

Design rectangular bathroom with shower

A small toilet with shower area

A successful bathroom plan with shower
In that case, if you want to leave the bath do the shower, for these purposes will need to combine the bathroom and toilet. It is advisable to arrange plumbing in the corners, or even buy a corner toilet, sink or bath.

Shower area black
An important role in the design of small imprints plays a color. It is thought that a small bathroom is better to choose bright colors. Partially correct, because the white or light gray can really make the space more airy. But do not avoid other beautiful colors. For example, the aquamarine ocean can create a nice mood and visually enhance the shower. And if you choose a good spot lighting and small mosaic tiles, and the black color will be a real decoration in the bathroom.

aquamarine shower

Bold blue color in the shower

white shower

Light the shower room

In a small shower is not unnecessary to accentual wall. For this purpose, various suitable mosaics. Often sold in building supermarkets, for some money, you can find the remains of brand plates. The wall or part of a wall decorated it will look elegant.

At the stage of space the plan should be the consideration of niches and open shelves. They are just the way to the shower. It holds perfect bottles of gels and shampoo. This will allow the use of personal hygiene products without leaving the shower area.

Nice niche in the shower just needed

Careful and elegant

With these niches do not have to leave the shower to take a shampoo

Niche affects the visual impression of space

The elegant niche in the shower

Spraying water is not spread over the whirlpool, the shower area must be equipped with a partition. Sometimes she build at the time of repair, by mounting it in another niche. One can make mobile glass or plastic door, which is opened by the sliding mechanism. It is not always necessary to complete the shower isolation. Sometimes it's enough to make a transparent partition. For small spaces better choose not frosted glass or plastic options. They will multiply and reflect light that comes from additional light sources.

There are a number of simple and very effective ways to make a small shower room more comfortable and spacious. For example, a horizontal wide stripes create an illusion of expanded space. Do not make a big emphasis on the contrast of the bands, it is better if they are done in soft pastel colors. Even tricks have shower faced mirror tiles. This bold decision that will make the interior of the wet zone interesting and visually increase space.

Wide horizontal stripes visually expand the space

Stripes should be neutral shades

Glass tile in the interior of the shower
It seems that all the techniques are described and told, but in fact, designers are constantly experimenting and bringing something new. It turns out that there are still many interesting solutions for small bathrooms. Read more about them can be from our review 5 new ideas for a small bathroom.