diy affordable housing out an old trailer

trailer-wrap Great idea for a new house on
trailer wrap Great idea for a new house on a budget that doesn't look crappy!

House, transformed from an old trailer.
Every year more and more urgent need for housing at reasonable prices. Everyone tries to address this problem as you can. American enthusiast, for example, proposes to transform the old worn out wagons into cozy miniature houses.

House from the trailer area 18.5 sqm. meter.
Ron Rusnak from Oregon (USA) is being transformed into his old trailer with his own equity and transforms it into a small cozy cottage.

Camper area with 18.5 sq. meter.

Mini living room.
At 18.5 square feet of guy, you could need a comfortable stay. A small couch small living room can act as a brightly decorated wall. The sleeping area is equipped with a loft above. Everything is made compact and functional.

Shower, toilet with sink.
After work, Ron estimated their efforts, and then adding material costs and only three weeks, sold their house for $ 36,000. It is always interesting to look at the reconstruction of a building. So in a short time on the beach of the Volga-the-art energy-efficient house will replace the old wooden frame.

The kitchen in the house on wheels.
The kitchen is also sufficient space for full size cabinet width 60 cm. Shower cubicles, given the size of the house, it was possible to make a width of 80 cm.