Does Meghan need to start dressing less like a Hollywood star and more like a Royal?

I don't see people asking why Princess Eugenie's husband Jack Brooksbank or Zara Tindall's husband Mike Tindall doesn't dress appropriately when they are in their everyday clothes. I have also seen Mike Tindall in old T-shirts and thongs (flip-flops) that go around Australia when Zara and himself come to their annual Horse Racing official engagement every year. Although these 2 men are not considered to be Royals, they still have to participate in official engagements for the royal family and no one judges whether they wear a shirt without a tie or a wrong suit for that time.

You have to remember that it is a continuous learning curve for the women who marry the royal family and if you google early pictures of Diana, Princess of Wales were some of her fashion style and hair shocks. Over the years, her fashion and style has evolved from foggy outfits to high quality top designers. Many women who marry the royal family not only know automatically how to dress for the various engagements they have to participate in. This also includes people like Autumn Phillips, the wife of Peter Phillips. Her style has evolved from the more modern fashion to the nicer clothes she is wearing today. People like Princess Royal and her daughter Zara Tindall are given the space to wear casual or unsuitable clothes with rusty hair because they are born royal and because they are "equestrian" people.

Both the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge are individual women and should not be pitted against each other. We have to realize that Catherine, duchess of Cambridge did not start dressing appropriately or having her hair perfect either. Kindness I can still see her in looking through the outfit she wore modeling at a university's charity and the short dresses that twisted up with the wind jet. I also saw criticism in the British press for her grumpy and pristine hair when she first married. Now, after years of trial and practice, Catherine, duchess of Cambridge style is stylish and elegant and I don't know how to do it with 3 young children.