eco friendly ideas for summer and beyond floor made wooden planks with their hands

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Eco floor in wooden planks.
Updating the interior of a country house can be your hands on not very expensive, if you make the floor in wooden planks. Time and money it will take a little, the result will delight owners and surprise the guests.

Step 1. Procure logs and cut into logs of wood dice. These dice and materials for the new floor.

Step 2. Properly sweep the floor, and then expand on the pre-grounded wooden wheels.

Wood – the material for the floor.

Six before work should be clean.

Arrange the dice on the floor.

The plan is ready – can be glued.

Step 4: When all molds are fixed, no damage will be given to a vacuum cleaner.

Almost finished flooring.

Step 5. The final step – floor polyurethane plates. The result – a natural floor with interesting structure.

This floor will be a perfect solution, for example, Kitchen. But the floor – that's just the beginning. How to equip a functional kitchen with minimal cost, we told you in one of our previous reviews.