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The history of minimalism in architecture lasts about half a century. As a style, minimalism is meant to prove the essence of the object through his laconic embodiment. As the name "minimalism" – all this at a minimum, at least the lines, a minimum of colors, a minimum of parts. The only in this style, max – is of space and light. This feature is so loved by modern designers, volumetric space – a dream for many people. The modern life rhythm leaves no room for personal space man. At work, office is converted to close the cell, public and private transport framed "traffic" and traffic bill. Cut off the hectic metropolis and "breathe" full breasts, only houses that are the reason for minimalism are so popular in the implementation of projects of houses and domestic interiors.

Houses are particularly popular in the style of minimalism mixed fans of eco-design. Style makes it possible to apply for the buildings and the most advanced technology to develop materials for buildings from recycled materials such as recycled tiny concrete floors. Due to its characteristics, minimalism harmonizes with green lawns on the roof and fitted with solar panels on the roof.

Characteristic houses in minimalist style, are rectangular shape, an extensive degree of glass panes, flat roofs, hidden illumination on the perimeter.

Minimalism in architecture is designed to solve urgent needs, due to its specific design, releases the space for contemplation and freedom. Modern minimalism, unlike its initial stage means use in decoration is not only stone, wood and iron. Now enrolled in the interior of concrete and brick construction, allow plastic and chrome. Actively renewed touched lighting and lamps, modern lighting solutions can not only have the perimeter of the room but also in the walls and under the floor, which allows to create a new wave of houses in minimalist style.

Minimalism in architecture has at sinan hanger and opponent. Not everyone is satisfied with the bare row of concrete constructions. Minimalism simple and sings a void where to feel comfortable, not everyone can. Absence, cherished many flower ornaments, decorations and various non-iron parts, causes a sense of incompleteness and "sterile correctness" of the structure. How much minimalism versatile and adaptable – time expel, we must follow its dynamic development and its desire to apply techniques to create their own homes and furnishings.

Photo house in the style of minimalism Alnwick Rd project from Park + Associates.

Photo house in the style of minimalism Pure White project from Susanna Cots Design Studio.