finish hallway decorative stone

Decorative stone in the hallway: the nobility of
One of the walls in the hallway is finished with a light decorative stone

The stone in the interior is in demand, especially in the corridor. Particularly intelligent stone decor in the entrances, on all points is good. The stone ends in the corridor and the corridor does best promote clean room by minimal means, this is the first. And secondly, the entrance – is a presentation of your house stone always optimal, and also beautiful, in any combination

Decorative stone in the interior was even more refined with the advent of synthetic analogues, different simulations of natural stone. Such analogues have a good price range and a huge array. Artificial decorative stones also have their own advantages. For example, it is much lighter and thinner than the natural, it can be used very widely. Of course, should not be abandoned, and of natural stone in the interior, especially supporters of environmental style. Traditionally, decor was used onyx, marble, granite, at least – sandstone. Especially popular in our time kirpich.Vse these comments refer in its entirety to the corridor and corridor, from which, as we know, begins with any interior, whether it is a large house or a relatively small apartment. As for natural stone, its high price and that the same high demands on the surface at which is attached the stone, to limit the extent of the decorative stone. With the advent of simulation options, limits for the application of decorative stones in entrance areas are broadened. The composition of so-called "non-natural stones" includes cement, fillers and dyes (expanded clay, pumice stone, perlite, etc.). Such a stone weighs several times lighter than natural granite or marble. Outside natural, synthetic analogue almost impossible to distinguish, when it comes to high quality imitation. In most cases, natural or unnatural stone entrance decorated with fragments: .. Part of the wall, one of the walls, floors, fragments, etc. Decorative stones are always suitable in the corridor and corridor. Stone decor sets the rhythm of a beautiful composite of the interior. Whatever the choice of finishing materials, hall or corridor with decorative stones will always look spectacular. Without a doubt, all of this requires a high level of professionalism and competent strategy. Consider the options.