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Smart 15 Square Meters Apartment Design | housing
Smart 15 Square Meters Apartment Design

Apartment-transformer area of ​​only 28 square meters. meter.
Hong Kong is one of the expensive cities with extremely high population density, so every square meter of living space is its weight in gold. However, as it turned out, even a small space can make the most functional, if desired. So, the architects managed 28 square meters. meter living room equipped with a true transformer, which has everything you need for a comfortable life by a young couple.

Plant condition before change.
When the two young men have received a small, long-lived, long-awaited apartment, they wished to an area of ​​28 square meters, a fully equipped kitchen, bed, sofa, bathroom, home cinema, storage space and playroom for three cats. Most architects refused to determine terms, but the company has agreed to leave and pass the task to 100 percent.

In the kitchen.

The apartment's trams in Hong Kong.
When designing the apartment, the designer's approval followed "the form meets the requirements of the time," so the home resembles a giant transformer where all alternate. Removable partitions apartment is zoned according to the needs of the owners.

Extra seating is shown if the mattress covers with a bathroom with a skeleton.
If the owners want to relax and watch favorite movies, because they only need to tap the panel with a home cinema system, which will close the kitchen. When the apartment is more than two people in the bath put a mattress on the frame, and there is additional seating space.

Taking a bath is possible without the waterproof walls.
Take a bath, you can omit the protective barrier and watch TV freely.

Particular attention is paid to materials and architectural technology used in the restructuring of the apartment. For example, the place where cat sand, equipped with its own ventilation system that eliminates odors. Integrated "smart houses" wake up in the morning hosting changes in lighting. Tenants can also send your friends electronic keys, if desired.