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Fold down Table

It is clear that the interior is compact apartment does not tolerate bulky furniture and useless, the most important parts of the interior. That's why we offer you a list of ergonomic office furniture that makes the small apartment cozy and functional.

Furniture for bedrooms, although this area ward, may not contain traditional, wide bed. But unconventional – can! Thus, you can prefer a bed transformer, which during the day serves as a sofa in the living area, or buy a bed on the second floor, making it possible to use the space beneath it.

The work area traditionally includes comfortable desk and chair. But the interior of the small apartment can not always afford such luxury. But if you are among those who have to work at home then it becomes a necessity. Therefore, like a table, can be equipped with the windowsill and make a comfortable office chair ottoman, which takes up much less space.

A full, large wardrobe and interiors apartment – things almost incompatible. Therefore, you have several options. The first thing – to equip in the pantry is a real wardrobe. The other – giving preference to a spacious agency. Well, and the third – to make a small, corner wardrobe with mirrored doors. This option is appropriate by far not all, as it is the most expensive of the above. But this way you will save space on a large mirror and visually expand the space in the room.