glass house a rock with super villain

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This Gold Brick is at the house in the middle of the area near the Johnny DC point. Approach the man sitting on the bench and he'll task you with digging up

The house Casa Brutale.
This concept home will not give the secret lie of super-villain. And very soon only one house will be on Libya's territory. He ordered the construction of this masterpiece by one billionaire.

Concrete and glass.

Pool instead of the roof.

Imagine for a moment that you become supreme villain and think, what are important attributes of such a character? That's right, the secret hideaway. Recently, it has introduced the concept of a rented house in the cliff. The project was named Casa Brutale and was designed by a group of architects from Greece and the Netherlands. For a long time, projects remained only a concept, but later learned that the billionaire, who would remain nameless, ordered the construction of exactly the same house.

Despite anonymity, still creatorWe told some details about the project. The house Casa Brutale will be built somewhere in Libya, along with a suitable terrain for implementing the concept. Residences are situated at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. The project will cost its future owner of $ 2.5 million, and the construction will last until the end of 2018.

Right in the mountain.

Overlooking the ocean.

Continues the theme in the story of the modular living area of ​​37 square meters. meter, where you can live all year round.