headboards for beds cool 7 models that refresh bedroom decor

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Bed bed for the bed: 7 cool models that will update the interior of the bedroom

If you want to update your bedroom decor, do not necessarily tap the wallpaper or change the curtains. You can only play with the gable. This detail can change space and make it more attractive. So, how to choose the head of home for the summer?

2. Metal pattern
The space, decorated in the style of Provence is very impressive fit metal headgear with beautiful curtains. This element will make notes within the course of romance and ease.

1. Nice Macrame
In the summer the interior well look wide-ranging, the same goes for the boss of the bed. It can be done in the technology of MACRAME that always looks spectacular. This entry will be exactly the highlight of the inner space!

3. watercolor flowers
This pillow is not hard to make your own hands, especially if you have good artistic skills. You can use an old sheet or duvet cover and watercolors.

4. Style monochrome
The bright bedroom decor will look the cool boss of the black and white textile upholstery. To dilute monotonin in black and white, you can choose an interesting spring flowers or geometric shapes.

6. Simple and concise
Calm and laconic interior update lightweight we only need to choose the head of a conventional design, stuffed fabric pastel colors in the spring. It may be pink, green, blue or purple color, as long as it does not dominate the space, and harmoniously completes the decor.

7. Tribute to the classics
We have found 16 more exciting ideas design bedside, which will make a nice and cozy bedroom.