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The designer has issued a small house with minimal cost

Many of us spend the summer in the country and do not have new houses in the green. Is it possible to turn an old building into a cozy and elegant accommodation, while spending a minimum of funds? American interior designer is proven by example that it is possible. She is so fond of her little cottage that remained here for living all year round, together with her husband and two children.

A small vintage house was a real challengeJessica, which has more than 15 years of experience in the construction of residential and public spaces. Firstly, it was necessary to restore the old house at the lowest cost. Secondly, it was necessary to emphasize its vintage flavor. In addition, there was a need to comfortably accommodate four people, and the best use of each square meter.

Small house of 50 square meters
Interior designer Hengerson Jessica (JessicaHelgerson) small house she inherited from her grandmother. It is 15 minutes from Portland, and the area does not exceed 50 square meters. This cottage was built back in 1940 and since then it has undergone four changes.

A large collection of books could be placed on a provisional rack
Making a small house spacious failed due to the combining kitchen, dining room, living room and library. The design of the open space to get a simple yet very cozy. This technique is very relevant for small apartments. The most important thing is to choose easy-to-read and functional furniture, bright colors in the decoration of natural materials.

Visually the space expands on the basis. Get up bookshelves, which are adjacent to one of the walls and an open buffet in the kitchen. The elongated narrow cell about pushing the walls, like wide wooden planks, painted in white color, which rocked the house from the inside.

Parents sleep under a roof
In the living room is placed some homemade sofas dressed with a practical and hidden storage underneath. A practical solution for small spaces. As well as bedside cot or pull out cabinets, which hid in one of the walls of the nursery. But the bed is under the parents roof, which solved the problem with the bedroom.

As for the exterior, the house facade painted itraditional for these places white and rotten ceilings were replaced with a green roof. It grows moss, which creates an additional thermal insulation and makes the house aesthetically appealing.

But with Jessica and her garden household trip. It is located at 110 square meters, which made it possible to arrange a kitchen garden, make a small farm and planted many fruit trees.

On the roof of moss growing

Near the house is an orchard

Utyuny garden
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