how plan space small flats interior design small apartment

Designing this compact studio apartment in St. Petersburg the designer aimed for an effect that preserves the freedom of an open layout with the added

In any case, if you started a repair, no unofficial and improvised speech can not go. This process requires careful preparation and planning. Otherwise, the end result is not only aesthetically upset, but also by causing discomfort practically. Especially this issue is critical when it comes to the design of small apartments.

Interior small apartment must be varied to maximize functionality. Every centimeter of it has to run on the host, and therefore, here we must use all your spatial thinking and ingenuity. To help you, we can offer more effective and original ideas on how to successfully plan space, even the most modest apartment.

First, and most importantly – if there is a possibility, leave with unnecessary corners. Carefully entering each other's room will make your room visually more spacious. In addition, such a construction course can significantly improve the usefulness of your apartment.

If it's impossible to get rid of the corners, so do they work for you. Do not leave blank, even the most intricate corners in your home. Maybe it will find its place hanger or lamp, or even your desk, on individual sketch?

Those who draw a modest interior studio, experts recommend avoiding cardinal space zone division. Strong contrasts or multiple levels make the room visually smaller. Therefore, to distinguish between areas, it is best to use furniture. For example, the back of the sofa can separate the living room from the kitchen and the original cabinet can be the wall between the area for sleeping and working.

It is also possible to resort to all types of construction tricks. Nowhere to put the TV? – Make a niche in the wall and install it. By the way, niches in the walls – it's a good solution, if the pattern is not small apartment holds everything you need.

For example, a niche in the hall can accommodate only accessories and umbrellas, but also a home surveillance system (which can be set in the representation of Norma-112 in Moscow). Similarly, it is possible to from their inner bookcase. Books look good and in the niche.

Sills – not just for flowers. Wide threshold can be used not only as a workplace, but also as a kitchen table. It's enough to show imagination, and you can get the workspace instead of the usual windowsill. In addition, it is a window the maximum amount of sunlight, which also makes it possible to save money on electricity.