how pokleit wallpaper walls

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How pokleit wallpaper to avoid defects

From time to time the wallpaper on the walls has to be replaced. They get dirty, age, fade, get out of date. The technique is quite simple wallpaper, and in order to handle this task practically everyone can. It is necessary to change the background image – and the room will look completely different, change style and mood.

One of the most important rules of wallpapering – preliminary preparation of the necessary tools. Everything must be at hand.

To decide on such a nice change, the dane must have a good understanding of what you need pokleit wallpaper on the walls. It turns out that it is not necessary to pay a repair, enough to know some simple rules of wallpaper.

When all the tools are on hand to start the bonding process.

Like the wallpaper on the walls, about the application-complex pattern? In this case, the necessary glue that dries slowly, because you will need some time to match the exact number after the testimony.

It is necessary to carefully follow the gluing technique loss, not to create further difficulties themselves and to be able to rely on the result. To begin with diluted glue usually comes in sales in the form of powder. It is added to water (not the contrary!), Stirred and left for a time (as indicated on the package, usually not more than one hour) for swelling. Stick strictly to the quantitative ratio of water: the glue, otherwise the wallpaper is lagging behind.

Wallpaper paste should be within the framework of the system, from the window following the numbering displayed.

Prepare the wallpaper for gluing.

After the adhesive swells, it may be applied to the underside of wallpaper or fabric directly on the wall (indicated on the wallpaper with the wallpaper). On the wall, for example, an adhesive is applied to the non-woven wallpaper.

Touch the wallpaper roll to avoid the appearance of bubbles or wrinkles. If left – carefully separate the paint from the wall and repeat the procedure or puncture any air bubbles with a pin or needle and smooth surface. In his speech at the joints, remove excess glue with a cloth.

Gluing the wallpaper better during the summer, the most favorable temperature for this – 22 – 25 degrees. The process of gluing and drying the wallpaper, do not open the windows and valves – a draft can cause peeling of wallpaper and fabric distortions.

If you follow these simple rules of wallpaper, you can achieve excellent results even with no special build-up skills.