how store pots a small kitchen 17 illustrative examples

Top 3 Ways) How To Store Pots And
how to store pots and pans

How and where do you want to store the boiler?

What do you do when the kitchen is small and potato so much that they have nowhere to put? There are several practical ways to store cooking utensils, which will save space in a small room and it will help maintain the scheme.

wall storage
Storage pots on the wall saves in a small kitchen. Of course, for such an option is to choose a place near the stove, sink or near a table to the forehead, hanging on the wall, do not bother easily to move around in the kitchen. The most convenient way to store pots and pans in the vicinity of the hob. This not only saves space in the room, but also the time housewife, reducing the time for cooking.

Place the ceiling and the window
Small kitchen windows must be involved. It is desirable to equip the open shelves, hooks and stands. At the top you can install the rails on and on the hanging pots, bowls, pans. In addition, do not ignore the space under the ceiling in the kitchen if it is high. Even here you can set storage for pots. Such an option will look good in the country-style kitchen.

practical solutions
Easy to store pots on rails with hooks. They can be installed anywhere – on the wall above the window, and also mounted on furniture. But if you can not buy such a device, it's not hard to do it with your hands out of scrap.

Organization of the order in the wardrobe
When it seems like a place in the wardrobe is missing, sedation is to put things in order. Pull out all dishes, check its integrity, remove these items rarely used on the balcony or in the shop. Then you have to place tools taken in size and are often used to put the pot in the first row. It saves space in the wardrobe everybody organizers, today can be found in hardware stores and they are cheap.

Properly organized need not only storage pots. Covers from them are often a real headache for housewives. Where they fold or hide? Designers offer the use of gaps and the usual plastic hooks, rails and metal cells. These little helmets load loads in wardrobes and help clean the mess in the kitchen.