how to make a new year ball in a stunning technique artichoke with their hands

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• Bandwidth 2.5 or 5 cm (in this case, it took 4.8m at a speed of 2.5cm band). Watching spectacular balls, made of strips 3 colors for the master class, 2 shades of red and gold were chosen.
• Length of 1 cm wide strip (about 26 cm);
• 0.5 cm wide A small piece of tape (okolo14 cm);
• Tailor nail (500 pcs);
• If you like, you can use to decorate pearls and sequins,
• Foam ball (in this example, 7 cm in diameter).

To work as required:

Before you start looking at the ball. It clearly shows the connection of the two hemispherical equator. Along this line, our work will be completed. If we look closely at the ball, you can find the post. On our ball, they look like flowers in the circle.

Cut two square pieces 2.5 cm wide tape. Cloves with these boxes stuck in poles our globe. This will be the starting point for the work. Dismiss the ball in time aside.

It is time to prepare ties for the job. We need parts of size 2.5 x 5.5 cm. If you feed the desired color only 5 cm wide, it is not scary. Cut patches of 5.5 cm in length and cut length so that each piece was 5.5 cm factory edge.

Get started with a brighter shade of red color. The first strip is placed so that the edges coincide with the center of the pole pin, pinch him. If this piece tapes width of 5 cm, leave its factory edge to the post.

Fold the edge of the cloth as if starting to make a paper plane. Attach corner pin.
The majority of us master the art: also joined the middle, fix and secure one end, repeated with the other.

Our first hand. The most important thing in this work was arranged. We strongly recommend that both sides do simultaneously: perform a number from one pole, it is better to repeat it once from the back. So the work is symmetrical and not lost the interest in creativity.

The second layer put gold. Insert a golden ounce in the middle of the edge of the joint between the first row of triangles. To get a symmetrical pattern, the first time is better to use a ruler, and later, when the eye is trained, it will be abandoned. The second row is located at a distance of 6 mm from the pole.

The second layer is finished. Symmetry and parallelism of the parts – the quality indicators in our work. If something goes smoothly, it's better to correct immediately.

Clear gold color looks a little pretentious and vulgar so we move the golden dark red flakes, which means that only the edge of 4 mm.

Add more gold, withdrawing from the previous 8 mm scales.

Cover gold flakes light red.