How to make bathroom beautiful by small bathroom

Routine life is boring especially when the chores and work exactly remain the same. A change in life maybe good or not so good, always brings excitement in life. Ups and downs of life is what it makes interesting. Similarly goes about the non-living things. The same infrastructure might become boring for the sight eventually. Renovations of houses and cities are a refreshing activity for lives. Sometimes changes must be brought out of need as well. Same case is with small bathrooms. Initially it is ok to adjust but as time pass by, the need of spacious bathroom is felt. Not always does one have the option of getting a bigger bathroom; the solution in such case would be small bathroom makeovers. For this one need not be a designer by profession. There are few tricks to be kept in mind and that would solve the problem of hiring a professional.

Important points to keep in mind:

  1. Do not change the main pipeline system, as it would reduce expenditure
  2. If low on budget, only change wall paper or wall paint; even this could do wonders
  3. Use completely different palette of colors to feel the change
  4. Place as minimum things as possible to make best use of area.
  5. If budget permits change of sink, toilet and bathtub will also give totally new look.
  6. Arrangement for both cold and hot water is must.

How to make maximum use of space in small bathroom makeovers:

  1. Keep the shelves containing toiletries behind the mirror above the sink. The mirror is made as the door to shelves.
  2. Replace bathtub by shower. Area wise, a man sleeping would occupy more space than a man standing. The bathing area could be made at a bit lower level to tackle the water problems
  3. Utilize the space below sink to make cabinet, where clothes, laundry bags or towels can be kept
  4. Replace the bigger sink with smaller one.

How to add aesthetic value

  1. A freshener; either liquid or solid, kept in the bathroom will give a good aroma
  2. Colors of tiles, walls, sink, tub, toilet and accessories should be in coordination with each other.
  3. Fresh/ Artificial flowers kept in a vase at the corner or on the sink would add beauty
  4. A clock on the wall somewhere would be a nice idea
  5. Beautiful lamps instead on routine lights will be more appropriate aesthetically