how transform small apartment 5 steps to perfect interior

Amy Stone's Brooklyn living room featuring wicker chairs and a small velvet

Cool conversion of a small apartment

Can a budget repair make interior-friendly? How to do without the help of a designer when you make your own home? And what should be done for a small apartment to be transformed? It turns out that the path to the ideal situation is not that long and consists of 5 steps. Everyone managed to get a young mother from Madrid, as on their own to design the interior, and made it very skilled. So, what are the steps?

The apartment before renovation
Firstly, it was decided that radical change colors everywhere. Since the apartment is no different than a large area, it has become a leading color scheme is white. It was diluted with small spots of pink, copper, gray and beige. After changing the color appearance of the apartment, the interior has changed significantly.

The interior of the apartment in Madrid
This apartment she bought with furnishings and furniture, but the situation is not suitable for housekeeper of the perfect furnishings. The furnishings were bulky, and the walls were wallpapered with dark wallpaper. Such registration act on condominiums depressing, which is why she decided to do the repairs.

Before and after

Stylish interior design in Scandinavian style
Failure zone division was another unpleasant indication, not haunted hostess. So she shared the apartment in the specific area. So it was a spacious living room, private place to read a small home library and a cozy dining room. Because the resonance girl used furniture and interior items (carpet in reading and painting in the dining room of the zone).

Laconic furniture in Scandinavian style
The next step, Anna (the owner of the apartment) is taken – to get rid of bulky dark furniture that just messy the interior. Replaced, she decided to concise articles in Scandinavian style. They are harmoniously decorated space.

Even Anna minimalist design well I thought out storage systems and utilize the places that are often overlooked. For example, in the apartment there is a niche where the woman put a basket of things, and spacious shelves installed on the wall. Between the living room and reading corner is a stand, which also holds things in braided boxes. Even in a small bathroom Anna put the bookcase with baskets.

Rational use of space in a small apartment

small WC

In order to create a simple atmosphere in the interior, the girl was hanging on window shutters with many creases. This makes the interior more interesting and allows the light to smoothly penetrate the premises. Anna also chooses simple furniture patterns, which themselves look bright and elegantly complementing the decor. Notes of freshness to the space made of stains of green in the kitchen, use of sky blue bedroom, pink elements in the nursery and the living room.