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Keeping in mind, the original studio apartments can not leave anyone untouched: some reports of the lack of walls, but for some it is a real paradise, where there is freedom space where there is room for expansion, where you are not trapped in captivating small spaces. Even in most cases, the interior of the apartment studio has a minimum of furniture, decorate it properly – the task is not that easy. But for the readers of your interior we picked up some valuable tips from the control of the construction scope.

Most often apartment – this is creative youth. It is therefore not surprising that such homes often become a venue for friendly fees. But the charm of youth that we have the strength and time to go to the last and as a result, will stay longer than the guests want to stay overnight. On the floor to sleep – not comme il faut, so extra beds must always be ready. How to organize them – explain further.

Bunk beds can be an excellent solution if guests often stay overnight in your home studio. As an alternative – you can set the full bed under the roof, and place it under a cozy sofa, organized under the quay mini-living room.

"Mark" of the interior studio apartments in its simplicity, width of space and minimalism, so standard and bulky cabinets here – a taboo. But where to put my stuff?

Wardrobe – It's elegant, modern and ergonomic solution for all residential and studio apartments, in particular.

Niche behind the curtain or door on the rails also helpadu hide your belongings from curious eyes and avoid trash effect. In addition, in such a niche you can not only organize a cabinet or pantry but also make your little mini-office.

Shelves in interior studio apartments will be, perhaps the most elegant solution. If any of the things you need to "hide", you can order a model with lockable rack modules, where you can securely store linen and personal belongings.